Enter the Ape

The Shape Ape Series, as I like to call them, are gameboards I created for Kamico Instructional Media, an educational company specializing in making supplementary course materials such as worksheets and playable games. I created more than 100 unique visual assets for Kamico during my time with them, but my favorite thing to work on was the art for the board games.

Shape Ape and Shape Apes are variations on the same card-matching game meant to teach basic shapes and forms to children of kindergarten age. In essence, a child has to guess the shape by its provided definition to score a token on the board. For this project I created and edited many of the cards, and provided all additional artwork.


"Shape Ape"

All that was initially specified to me about this gameboard was the title, the vertical layout and the number of spaces within. It's not often that I draw simians in the first place, so I drew on my father's love of the original King Kong to make skyscraper windows out of the many rectangular spaces. I also drew heavily from the style of Dave Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants, as I felt it fit the color palette.

"Shape Apes"

For the second gameboard, I was again given the title, with suggestions for the shapes to be on the apes' bellies, but I wanted the board to be distinct from its sibling. As a result I went with a more freeform style, and attempted to bring personality to every single ape on the board.

It was a lot of apes, but with some desaturation to make the spaces more visible, I still like this one.