New Days, New Challenges by Samantha Wright

Haven't updated for a while, but still at work, I assure you. Been doing more networking than ever before in my life, and it's resulted in a ton of new friends, I think. In addition, I recently acquired an iPad Pro 2, which together with an Apple Pencil, has allowed me to draw digitally anywhere for the first time in my life. It's incomparable.

Wistful days by Samantha Wright


Been drawing a lot of werewolves recently as part of a concept I'm tossing around, but the finale of a radio show I've grown to love since this last winter has left me particularly misty-eyed recently, so I thought it needed something particularly large and special to commemorate its conclusion.

Quick Sketch by Samantha Wright

Just a Sketch

I'm kind of breaking my own rules here, posting the full sketch here and only little snapshots on my twitter and tumblr. Trying to figure out my own rules. Nevertheless, just a little thing of two girls from the greatest show on television right now, colored semi-automatically in PaintsChainer and cleaned up in photoshop afterwards. I really like this, I think i'll paint over it additively. I promise the... posteriors will be made less prominent.